Question No 13 Chapter No 17 – D.K Goal 11 Class

Question No 13 Chapter No 17

Question No 13 Chapter No 17

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13.The swadeshi Industries removed their works to a more suitable premises.

  1. A sum of Rs 4,750 was spent on dismantling removing and re-installing plant, machinery and Fixtures.
  2. The removal of stock from the old works to the new one cost Rs 500
  3. Plant and machinery which stood in the books at Rs 75,000 included a machine at a book value of Rs 1,700. this being obsolete was sold off at Rs 450 and was replaced by a new machine which cost Rs 2,400
  4. The freight and cartage on the new machine amounted Rs 150 and the erection charges cost Rs 275
  5. The fixtures and furniture appeared in the books at Rs 7,500. of these some portion of the book value of Rs 1,500 was discarded and sold off for Rs 1,600 and new furniture of the value Rs 4,200 was acquired
  6. A sum of Rs 1,100 was spent on painting the new factory and Rs 400 on next Diwali
    State which item of expenditure would be charged to capital and which to revenue

The solution of Question No 13 Chapter No 17: –

a Deferred Revenue Expenditure
b Deferred Revenue Expenditure
c Rs 1,250 is capital Loss and Rs 2,400 is Capital Expenditure
d Capital Expenditure
e Rs 100 is capital Profit and Rs 4,200 is Capital Expenditure
f Rs 1,100 is capital Expenditure and Rs 400 is Revenue Expenditure

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