Question No 11 Chapter No 17

Question No 11 Chapter No 17

11. Classify the following expenses between Capital and Revenue stating reasons in each cases

  1. Repair to a Second hand motor car purchased
  2. The cost of registration of newly formed limited company
  3. Spent Rs 6,000 as legal expenses for abuse of trade mark
  4. A sum of Rs 50,000 was spent on dismantling removing and reinstalling plant machinery and fixtures.
  5. Legal expenses incurred in defending a suit for breach of contract to supply goods
  6. Temporary huts were constructed costing Rs 2,000. these were necessary for the construction of the cinema hall and were demolished when the cinema hall was ready

The solution of Question No 11 Chapter No 17: –

iCapital Expenditure
iiCapital Expenditure
iiiReserve Expenditure
ivDeferred Revenue Expenditure
vRevenue Expenditure
viCapital Expenditure

The provision in accounting: Types and Treatment

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