Question No 11 Chapter No 11 – D.K Goal 11 Class

Question No 11 Chapter No 11

Question No 11 Chapter No 11

11. My bank Pass Book showed an overdraft of 6,500 on 31st March, 2017. This does not agree with the Cash Book balance. From the following particulars ascertain the Cash Book balance:-
Cheques amounting to 15,000 were paid into bank in March, out of which, it appears, only cheques amounting to 4,500 were credited by bank. Cheques issued during March amounted in all to 11,000. Out of these cheques for 3,000 were unpaid on 31st March, 2017. The Pass Book stands debited with 150 for interest and with 30 for bank charges. The bank had paid the annual subscription of 100 to my club according to my instructions. The entries for interest, bank charges and subscription have not yet been made in Cash Book.

The solution of Question No 11 Chapter No 11: –

Bank Reconciliation Statement
Particular Plus Items
Minus Items
Credit Balance (Overdraft) as per Cash Book   6,500
Add: Cheques deposited but not credited (15,000 – 4,500) 10,500  
Bank charged interest 150  
Bank Charges 30  
Subscription paid by Bank as per standing instructions 100  
Less: Cheque deposited but not credited by Bank   3,000
Credit Balance as per Pass Book   1,280
  10,780 10,780

Bank Reconciliation Statement | Process | Illustration |

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