Question No 10 Chapter No 8

Question No 10 Chapter No 8

10. Prepare the purchase book of M/s Shiv Stationers from the following:

Jun.1Purchased from Gagan Stationery Mart on credit
 (i) 70 dozens pencils @ 25 per dozen
 (ii) 10 dozens registers @ 15 per register
Jun.10Purchased from Amrit Furniture
 2 Tables @ 1,500 per table.
Jun.15Purchased 3 dozens ink pots @ 80 per dozen from Mehar Paper Co. and received a cash discount of 50
Jun.18Purchased from Rehman Bros. on credit
 (i) 5 reams of white paper @ 50 per ream
 (ii) 120 pens @ 60 per dozen
 Less trade discount of 10%

The solution of Question No 10 Chapter No 8: –

Returns Outward Book of Modern Shoes, Kolkata West Bengal
01Gagan Stationery Mart  
 70 dozen Pencils @ Rs 25 per dozen1,750 
 120* Registers @ Rs 15 per Register1,800 
18Rehman Bros  
 5 reams of White Paper @ Rs 50 per ream250 
 10 Dozen** @ 60 per dozen600 
 Less: 10% Trade Discount85 

Note: Purchases book records only the credit purchase of goods, so transaction dated June 10 being the purchase of furniture and June 15 being the purchase of goods for cash will not be recorded

Working Note:-

1 Dozen contains a quantity of 12

So, 120 Pens will be=120
 =10 Dozen


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