Question No 05 Chapter No 6

Question No 05 Chapter No 6

05.Record the following transactions in the books of Sahdev & Sons assuming all transactions have been entered within the state of Bihar, Charging CGST and SGST @ 9% each

(i)Bought goods from Nanak Bros. for 4,00,000 at 10% trade discount and 3% cash discount on purchase price. 25% of the amount paid at the time of purchase.
(ii)Bought goods from Nanak Bros. for 4,00,000 at 10% trade discount and 3% cash discount on purchase price. 25% of the amount paid at the time of purchase.
(iii)Received from Gopi Chand 38,000 by Cheque after deducting 5% cash discount.
(iv)Paid 20,000 for rent by Cheque
(v)Paid 20,000 for rent by Cheque
(vi)Goods worth 10,000 distributed as free samples
(vii)5,000 due from Chanderkant are bad-debts.
(viii)Sold household furniture for 15,000 and the proceeds were invested into business.


The solution of Question No 05 Chapter No 6: –

In the Books of Radhika Traders
iPurchases A/cDr. 3,60,000 
 Input CGST A/cDr. 32,400 
 Input SGST A/cDr. 32,400 
 To Cash A/c   1,03,014
 To Nanak Bros. A/c   3,18,600
 To Discount Received A/c   3,186
 (Being Purchased from Mehta Bros.)   
iiKumar & Sons A/cDr. 75,520 
 Bank A/cDr. 1,07,616 
 Discount Allowed A/cDr. 5,664 
 To Sale A/c.  1,60,000
 To Output CGST A/c   14,400
 To Output SGST A/c   14,400
 (Being Sold goods to Munjal & Co..)   
iiiBank A/cDr. 38,000 
 Discount Allowed A/cDr. 2,000 
 To Gopi Chand A/c  40,000
 (Being Paid for advertisement.)   
ivRent A/cDr. 20,000 
 Input CGST A/cDr. 1,800 
 Input SGST A/cDr. 1,800 
 To Bank A/c   23,600
 (Being Purchased office furniture.)    
vSalaries A/cDr. 50,000 
 To Bank A/c   50,000
 (Being Paid Salaries)    
viAdvertisement A/cDr. 11,800 
 To Purchases A/c   10,000
 To Input CGST A/c   900
 To Input SGST A/c   900
 (Being Goods distributed as free samples)    
viBad Debts A/cDr. 5,000 
 To Chanderkant A/c   5,000
 (Being Debtor proved bad)    
viiiCash A/cDr. 15,000 
 To Capital A/c   15,000
 (Being Invested money into business)    




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