Question No 05 Chapter No 10

Question No 05 Chapter No 10

05.From the following Trial Balance containing certain errors, drew up a correct Trial Balance

Name of AccountsDr.Cr.
Cost of Goods Sold33,60,000 
Sales 40,00,000
Fixtures 1,30,000
Sundry Debtors5,10,000 
Sundry Creditor 2,80,000
Opening Stock5,60,000 
Closing Stock 4,70,000
Capital 8,00,000
Cash 10,000 

The solution of Question No 05 Chapter No 10: –

Trail Balance A/c 
Cost of Goods Sold A/c 33,60,000 
Sale A/c  40,00,000
Premises A/c 7,00,000 
Fixtures A/c 1,30,000 
Sundry Debtors A/c 5,10,000 
Sundry Creditor A/c  2,80,000
Closing Stock A/c 4,70,000 
Expenses A/c 2,20,000 
Capital A/c  8,00,000
Cash A/c 10,000 
PNB(Overdraft)A/c  3,20,000

Note: Since cost of goods sold is given, opening Stock will not appear in the Trial Balance whereas Closing Stock will appear in it.

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