Question No 01 Chapter No 2 – D.K Goal Class 11

Question No 01 Chapter No 2
Q-1 - CH-2 - D.K Goal +1 Book 2020 - Solution


Question No 01 Chapter No 2


Q1. On which side the increase in the following accounts will be recorded? Also mention the nature of account:−

1Furniture 5Proprietor’s Account
2Rent Paid 6Debtor
3Commission Received7Creditor
4Salary Paid Solution  

The solution of Question No 01 Chapter No 2: –

AccountsIncrease Recorded at Side
1. FurnitureDebitAsset
2. Rent PaidDebitExpense
3. Commission ReceivedCreditIncome
4. Salary Paid SolutionDebitExpense
5. Proprietor’s AccountCreditCapital
6. DebtorDebitAsset
7. CreditorCreditLiability

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